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Risk police

Control of technological risk policy

PMRT definition – Control plan of technological risk

This document defines the requirements as regards hygiene/ health, safety and environment applicable to SAPCAN personnel and his possible subcontractors at the time of activities described as follows: On all sites where SAPCAN intervenes including our base.

It makes it possible to fix comprehensible and realistic objectives. It is applicable in all the activities of SAPCAN and was worked out to answer the new lawful requirements as regards HSE, in order to promote the constant improvement of safety, health and the requirements with respect to the workers in their activities like in their professional environment and general. It is in conformity with QHSE policy of our customers.

  • Health and staff safety
  • Safety and safeguard of equipment and goods
  • The respect of the environment
  • The quality of the activities and work provided by the company

This HSE policy and its objetives are diffused on the spot of activities.


constitution for the control of technological risk

This system includes

  • 1 Control plan of technological risk .This control plan of risk is formed at Total request as regards HSE like required in meeting HSE/DG of November 2005 in its audits policies.
  • General description arrangements of system management HSE for SAPCAN company relating to the whole activity of:• Hotel and Restoration Management
  • Management Remote Sites
  • Oil rigs

PMRT contents

This handbook includes 12 chapters :

1 Control policy of the technological risk
2 Organization – SAPCAN responsibilities
3 Hygiene and health policy
4 Formations and enablings
5 Technological risk evaluation
6 Material management
7 SAPCAN subcontracting
8 Management of the environment
9 Management of anomalies / incidents and accidents
10 Emergencies
11 HSE action plan12 Briefing of paid in HSE

4.2.2 PMRT appendix

They consist of seven appendices taking again in detail certain chapters of the PMRT :

a – Information
Presentation of the group activities, GG chart, establishment of the buildings plan.

b - Hygiene and health security policy
Hygiene and health policy with respect to the environment.

c- HSE SAPCAN action plan
Setting in conformity compared to the audit grid of the customer

d- HSE statistics
- Compared to the hours worked over a year.
- Slipping severity rate, shipping frequency rate and accident frequency rates declared

e- Staff management procedure
01 HSE PGP 01 Staff management file
02 HSE PGP 01 bis Recruiting circuit file
03 HSE PGP 02 « EVASAN »
04 HSE PGP 03 EPI follow-up
05 HSE PGP 05 Hygiene and health policy
06 HSE PGP 04 Monitoring sheet behavior
07 HSE PGP 04 bis Practical monitoring sheet
08 HSE PGP 06 Report of event
09 HSE PGP 07 EPI card attribution
10 HSE PGP 08 First aid card
11 HSE PGP 09 Talks card 09 Bis planning

f- Material management procedure
01 HSE MAT 01 State of the slings
02 HSE MAT 02 Control sheet of handling material and containers
03 HSE MAT 03 Management of the vehicles
04 HSE MAT 04 Management of the tackles of lifting procedures

Operation procedure : hygiene and health

01 PGO-01 Rules of professional risk management base
02PGO-02 Evaluation and control of risk, concept and definitions
03PGO-03 Evaluation and control of risk, annual audit of the working post
04PGO-03 bis Synthesis and situation of work
05 PGO-04 Evaluation and control of risk, analyze risk specific to GG activities
06 PGO-05 Evaluation and control of risk by technical activities
07 PGO-06 Evaluation and control of risk, dangerous inventory management
08 PGO-07 Evaluation and control of risk, food hygiene
09 PGO-08 Letter to suppliers and GG under treating
10 PGO-09 Fight against fire